How is Autofac more flexible than a built-in dependency injection framework in ASP.NET Core?

Hello All, I am planning to tell you how to implement the Autofac IoC container with ASP.Net Core today. In that case, I’ll discuss,

  1. What is Autofac?
  2. How to implement Autofac with ASP.NET Core?

What is Autofac?

Autofac is a .Net-based IoC container. When classes interact with one another, it manages the dependencies…

Infrastructure as code with terraform for beginners by using the Azure.

Hello All, Hope you all are doing well! Finally, I could manage the time to write the new blog article after few months. Meanwhile, I could learn few new technology concepts with my university academics works and as well as my studies. So, I got the chance to learn about…

Understanding the Differences between FutureBuilder and StreamBuilder widgets

Hi All, Hope you are all doing well. Today I am planning to tell you about FutureBuilder and StreamBuilder widgets in Flutter.

FutureBuilder and StreamBuilder in Flutter

In this article, I will tell you,

  • FutureBuilder widget
  • How to use FutureBuilder Widget
  • StreamBuilder widget
  • How to use StreamBuilder Widget
  • Difference between FutureBuilder and StreamBuilder

Let’s get…

If you are new to this Flutter/Dart world, these tips & tricks might help you.

Hi All, Hope you all are doing well, So today I am going to tell you a few tips & tricks in the flutter that could be useful for the developer.

Few Flutter tips & tricks you must know

Avoid Widget Rebuild by using const Constructor

When we want to prevent unwanted widget rebuilds, then use the const

Explaining How to use AutoMaptter with ASP.NET Core web App

Keep your code clean with AutoMapper

Hi All! Hope you all are doing well. If you are working with Asp.NET, I think you already know about AutoMapper. But when I start my internship in 99X, actually I hadn’t idea about AutoMapper and sometimes I was confused about existing code without knowing about AutoMapper. …

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