Microsoft Graph API and Graph Explorer

Microsoft Graph API and Graph Explorer
  • What is Microsoft Graph API
  • What is Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Why Microsoft Graph API
  • Graph Explorer
  • Simplify the user on-boarding that include assigning a role to users, provide permissions to documents, and assign product licenses, change users role and much more.
  • Scan your outlook Calendar & look at your next meeting. You also get recommendations on meeting times by scanning your calendar that contains attendees and their preferred time slots.
  • It supports file format conversion to PDF whereas other file types like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, CSV, and RTF can also be converted.
  • Respond to changes in Microsoft Graph data in real time. Notify others, when you reschedule a meeting & modify the file.
Microsoft Graph Explorer
Microsoft Graph Explorer — After Authenticate




Undergraduate @ SUSL | Software Engineer

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Yohan Malshika

Yohan Malshika

Undergraduate @ SUSL | Software Engineer

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